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Groovy&brandnew – ON AIRs on!

Yes, it’s time for an update about our new ON AIRs on! Since last midnight, the new songs are up and you can find them, following this link:

The very first musician, which I would like to introduce to you, is SirJoe from Bern, whose songs are rich in variety and all damn groovy. That’s why there are two now songs of him ON AIR from this week on:

At The Prom

Make It Shine

Listen and enjoy!

Backstageradio @ International Radio Festival… TUNE IN

bsr_irfThe INTERNATIONAL RADIO FESTIVAL gathers sounds and radio stations from all over the planet in Zurich until September 7, 2014!!!
We like!
Backstageradio will be featured too… we like!!!
More precisely on:
Thursday 28.8 (tomorrow folks!!!) @ 18h00
Tuesday 2.9 @ 18h00
and Wednesday 3.9 @12h00

Here‘s some details as well as a nice pic of handsome moderator Sam!!!

You can listen here or tune in on 104.1 MHz if you’re in Züri Nord or 96.9 MHz if you’re in Züri South!!!


“Trop Dommage” is Video of the Week!

You couldn’t describe their music better, than they do themselves: “The stories told, are simple and without frills, tender yet haunting, poetical minatures on soft feet – once the melodies are there, it is impossible to shoo them away.

A choir of female voices, an accordion, two fingers and a trumpet, that’s all this song needs to touch us. The video takes on this low-key, yet memorable style. Simply beautiful!

Sans Claire – Trop Dommage

Au pas… au trot… AU GALOP!!!

Le JVAL arrive ladies & gentlemen!!!

Et il y a de quoi se réjouire avec une prog pareille…

Rendez-vous à partir de ce jeudi pour profiter de:

On y go le 28.8 et ça commence fort… avec Nut Nut:

Camilla Sparksss:

et les rimes hypnotiques de la jeune britannique Kate Tempest

Puis le 29.8 here we go again avec Patrick Bishop:



et les méandres rock de BRNS (very yeah!!!)

puis last but not least le 30.8 c’est Puts Marie:

Peter Kernel:

et le duo Brighton-Rock de Blood Red Shoes

Bon… quoi dire d’autre…

si tu ne viens pas, c’est de ta faute…

tu regretteras et puis s’il pleut… ben on se mouillera!!!

Play it loud !

Ok… here comes my very first contribution!!! I’m a nighthawk and I love techno, minimal, electro, d&b, trip hop & ambient… always looking for new new DJs and sounds… Here’s my new playlist “Play it loud!” tuck-in!!!

My selections for this week:

  • Cloud in the Sky by Farbenklang, a quite track but I really like it and it’s nice to start smoothly,
  • Deep down inside (original mix) unmastered by KultKitsch, with its “housig” as well as summernights mood,
  • Technokultur by I-van Helden reminds me of Berlin nights,
  • Escela  by Evolent who I enjoyed live back in 2013 and keeps you groovin until the early hours of the morning,
  • and last but not least, Shark Finning  by Missue to chill out.


Already 15 new song uploads today!

From Jazz to Hip Hop, from Pop to Rock, find the newest uploads here, comming unfiltered and directly from the bands to you:

Yu Sun
Kalajdzijsko Oro (live Cropettes, Ge)
Ancho Beco (live in Ge)
La danse des jeunes filles

Kalajdzijsko Oro

Rotten Billy

English Garden
Radio Days
Mrs. Sorrow

Dan Allens
Don’t be blue
Keep an eye on that page… always new things to discover!


Viens “kauser” ce soir à Lausanne!

Une nouvelle “Kause” aura lieu ce soir à Lausanne! Organisées par le TrocK, les soirées “Kause” ont pour but de réunir musiciens, groupes, programmateurs, etc. autour de discussions conviviales!

Tu n’as rien de prévu ce soir et tu aimerais faire des rencontres musicales sympathiques et étoffer ton réseau? Alors rendez-vous à l’EJMA (Lausanne Flon) ce soir entre 18h et 20h. Thème de la soirée: musique, formations et institutions.

Le TrocK sur Mx3 | le site du TrocK