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From November 13 to 25, 2018, the festival Les Créatives will shake and rattle Geneva as well as Morges and Lausanne.

13 days, with some 57 events and 156 guests (!!!) are planned for this edition, of which over 50% from Switzerland.

The festival offers a wide program, variety and creativity by talented artists and politically engaged personalities.

This year’s line-up features the Swiss Melissa Bon, KT Gorique, Yael Miller, Selva Nuda, Billie Bird and of course Black Sea Dahu, winner of the annual Mx3-Les Créatives contest!

Here’s the 2018 edition playlist, enjoy:

MX3 ALL FOR 1 – November 2018

So you’re missing the summer? Yeah… well, we do too sometimes. Fortunately Tawara and RTR bring it back onto the waves…

For this month, our Mx3 All for 1 musketeers picked the song ”Horizon”,proposed by Radio Rumatsch

It will be aired nationwide on SRF 3, Couleur 3Rete Tre, Radio RumatschSRF Virus throughout the month

Here, have a look at the “live” video, it’s so nice & relaxed, upbeat and beautifully played:

and here’s the studio version:

And “last but not least” the playlist with all the Mx3 ALL For 1. picks: