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Already 15 new song uploads today!

From Jazz to Hip Hop, from Pop to Rock, find the newest uploads here, comming unfiltered and directly from the bands to you:


Yu Sun
Kalajdzijsko Oro (live Cropettes, Ge)
Ancho Beco (live in Ge)
La danse des jeunes filles

Kalajdzijsko Oro

Rotten Billy

English Garden
Radio Days
Mrs. Sorrow

Dan Allens
Don’t be blue
Keep an eye on that page… always new things to discover!


“Dark Days” is ON AIR on Backstageradio.ch

A lugubrious sound is transmitted to us from Zurich. This sound takes our soul in a dark spot and conveys them along a path, that is lined with a watery landscape and memories, that are still casting clouds over it, until they reach the new day.

HUGOmusic can make all that visible and audible in his song. Even the heart-beat, when everything else around falls silent.

That’s why “Dark Days” is now ON AIR on Backstageradio.ch

Profile: http://www.mx3.ch/hugomusic
Direct-link: http://www.mx3.ch/singles/139039

For more new ON AIRs: http://www.backstageradio.ch/#cat=6


Finally: New Backstageradio.ch-ON AIRs

Hey Mx3.ch-Crowd,

No, though some of you may have thought so, we haven’t forgotten about Backstageradio.ch and hope you haven’t either! Here is a list of our new ON AIRs, we will introduce the songs to you one by one in the upcomming days.


I want to start with introducing with the song “Alaska” by END from Basel… a beatiful mixure of a mellow mood and a forward driven beat, that makes happy, yet sends a worried shiver down your spine. They call it a mix of Alternative Rock und Indie Pop: We call it: Amazing.

Check it out



Tutorial Backstageradio.ch-Player:



Brandnew Single-Upload: Dexter Doom and the Loveboat Orchestra

Dexter Doom and the Loveboat Orchestra are simply awesome, they groove it with dirty Swing and Funk, Dub and much much more and I love it lots!



They were founded in the year of the monkey. So it is about time to learn about them in the year of the horse, if you haven’t heard of them before! They uploaded so many new tracks, check them out!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-12 um 19.17.31