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Frauenstimmen 10th anniversary


Frauenstimmen is the only festival in German-speaking Switzerland, focusing exclusively on female artists and combing music, literature, dance, theatre and performance arts. Year after year, with a lot of passion, work and commitment, the organisers and artists are able to present a festival both important and unique for Switzerland.


2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the festival and its line-up will include renowned female artists, newcomers as well as international headliners.

Open, versatile, stimulating, surprising, controversial, exciting, creative, innovative, daring, humorous, entertaining: that’s how the festival has been described. Diversity and equality are two values the festival’s founded on.

For this anniversary edition, the festival is looking forward to welcoming artists like KT Gorique as well as the award-winning dance production Compagnie Cubique.

The event will take place from June, 27 to June, 30 2019 in Brig.

La Quairmesse: the new swiss music festival

bannerIn 1994 the City of Lugano lauched Palco ai Giovani, in order to create an opportunity for emerging bands and artists from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland to perform – in many cases for the very first time – in a real live concert situation and on a big stage. In 25 years, Palco ai Giovani became an established reference point for the young local music scene and served as springboard for many bands and artists.

pubblico-1Both the cultural context as well as the available tools for creation and digital distribution of music have changed a lot… but importance and impact of first-hand experience on stage remains unique and irreplaceable. Thus the desire to let the event evolve on a national level and the creation of La Quairmesse.

The aim is to encourage both creativity and exchange between language regions through two days of concerts, triggering new inputs and meeting ponits.

Artists of different origin, age and paths will meet in Lugano, illustrating the  lively and surprising Swiss music scene and aiming to be heard beyond the national borders.

Two nights on three outdoor stages on the city quais, with music as first national language and bridge between cultures.

Until March 4, 2019, programmers actively welcome booking proposals. To submit your music, simply click on the “book my band” button (desktop only) of the La QuairmesseMx3 page

BScene Festival 2019

Basel, february 1 – 2, 2019:


A cold wind is blowing through the streets and at this time of year it’s usually a bit dead in town. But not today, for something very special is in the air..

People are out and about all around town. They walk and ride their bicycles from club to club and there’s music to be heard. Because BScene, the Basel Club Festival celebrates music at its finest.


Since 1996, local, Swiss and international musicians show Basel what they are capable of on stage – and the city dances to their sound!

No matter if you are a star or a newcomer, everybody gets the chance to hit the stage and play to the audience.
With a two-day pass everyone can dive into a huge variety of music genres – Rock, Trap, Hip Hop, Metal…
If you want to know what kind of sounds the clubs are proposing in 2019, check out this year’s Line-Up!

DSC_6062 copy-min

JVAL 2018

JVAL Openair is synonym of oustanding music set in a breathtaking frame…

Here, have a look:


Jval Ambiance

You gotta see, smell, feel, listen to this experience, mood and vibe… the garden and the vines, the herbs along the path, the vegetable garden an the old fountain by the stage, the bars surrounded by roses and bushes …

In addition to the three official evenings, the festival will start one evening earlier, on Wednesday, August 29 with the release party of “Telescope”, the latest album by Quiet Island!

And here’s the rest of this year’s line-up:
30.8. – Fil Bo Riva, Duck Duck Grey Duck

The Two

31.8. – L.A. Salami, Peter Kernel

Emilie Zoé

1.9. – Bagarre, Concrete Knives, Fabe Gryphin

As Peter Kernel would put it… IT’S GONNA BE GREAT

Swiss bands at Rock Oz’ Arènes

Rock’Oz Arènes dedicates its “casino stage” exclusively to Swiss bands and artists, in collaboration with Mx3 and Swiss Live Talents.

From August, 15 to August, 18  2018, the line up features:

Count Gabba

Long Tall Jefferson

Yellow Teeth

Anach Cuan

Peter Kernel

Dirty Sound Magnet

The Dead Brothers

18.8. – Make Plain

KT Gorique

La Nefera



Krach am Bach ladies & gentlemen. This festival stands for young and local bands. That’s why Mx3 is so proud to be partner!

This year the public swimming-pool of Tägerwilen, will vibrate with good sounds on june 25th, be there!

First OGMH will hit the stage with their energizing indie rock.

Followed by RED Shoes who’ll transport the public straight to California.

The Rambling Wheels are not to be missed, for those who don’t know them already it’s a must.

The 2 headlines will be Pueblo Criminal with their perfect mix and balance of Ska-Punk-Rock-Reggae

And the The Doodes with urban hip-hop.


September 11 & 12  the Zikamart Festival awaits you @ the Belle Usine in Fully (VS) for 2 nights of Rock & Electro… as well as to get ready for next year’s party (the festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2016…:-)

Friday will rock with Bottle Next, Black Box Revelation, Duck Duck Grey Duck:

& The Last Moan:

who’ll be presenting a special project for the occasion.

Oh and good news:  17.00 to 19:00 it’ll be free entry for you, with Overgrass:

On Saturday the gas goes on with Vouipe:


Bloody Beetroots (SBCR DJ Set) and Carbon-Airways who’ll make you dance ’till the early hours of the morning!



A garden in the vineyards, herbs along the paths, a vegetable garden right next to the stage, a few bars surrounded by roses and shrubs: here’s is the unique context of the incredible JVAL Openair.
Don’t miss out on great international acts like Balthazar, Andy Shauf, Pulled Apart by Horses or Madjo and just as great swiss acts like:



Dear Deër:


Solange La Frange:

La Gale & Tunksten

Here’s an exhaustive playlist brought to you by JVAL with all the swiss acts of this edition:

Vote pour le meilleur talent suisse 2015!

Le festival de Cannes a remis ses trophées. Les frères Coen, présidents du jury, ont consacré qui de droit, qui de talent. Chez nous, côté bon son, good vibes, l’édition 2015 des récompenses musicales est en route. «Les professionnels de la profession», comme dirait Jean-Luc Godard, ont sélectionné 35 concurrents parmi près de 700 candidats, groupes ou artistes.



Le 4 juin prochain au Papiersaal de Zurich (20h ouverture, 21h concerts), le Swiss Live Talents 2015, seconde édition, fera monter sur scène certains nominés. Parce que le potentiel live est l’un des trois critères jugés, avec la musique et la performance. Voyons ce qu’ils ont dans le coffre.

Trois candidats particulièrement talentueux, trois figures de la nouvelle scène helvétique, joueront live. Dans la catégorie, «Best Emerging Talents», on se réjouit d’écouter les balades folk-pop de Serafyn, cinq complices de Bâle-Ville, la voix cristalline de leur chanteuse, dans une pureté à la Feist. Les écouter fredonner ici.


Parce qu’on peut s’imposer sans beugler, aimer le gros son lourd en ayant une âme gracieuse, avoir l’humour d’un papillon et être un déménageur  du «Rock/Metal», les Biennois de Death by Chocolate (étranglés par un carré ?) sortiront l’artillerie pour remporter la tête de leur catégorie.


Ecoute «Go go go», leur tube avec ses rifs ensoleillés. Et en avant le chocolat!

Enfin, lumière sur Lipka, les Genevois quartier Confignon, dans une battle pour gagner la première place en Electro/Dance. Ils sont inventifs, tendres, et ils font dancer, sautiller les Van’s et les skates.


«Union Square Kids», leur titre doublé d’une vidéo, parle des gosses du pays d’Obama, mais parle aussi aux enfants d’ici. Les petits, les grands.

C’est lors de cet événement-concert du 4 juin que sera faite l’annonce officielle des 35 nominés. Pour la remise des prix, il faudra patienter jusqu’au 14 novembre à Berne. D’ici là, on vous invite tous à voter jusqu’au 14 septembre pour décerner ce «Public Award», le choix du public. Soutiens ton ARTISTE SUISSE DE L’ANNEE en votant ici.

Vous êtes aussi membre du jury, vous êtes les frères Coen, Xavier Dolan ou Sienna Miller à Cannes 2015. Mais parce que la musique ça se vit tous ensemble, rendez-vous le 4 juin au Papiersaal www.papiersaal.ch!