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Nuovi funzioni su Mx3: cerca i nuovi brani ed i nuovi ON AIR a seconda dello stile musicale

Come va gente?

Ci sono un sacco di nuove opzioni su Mx3.ch! Ad esempio puoi scoprire in nuovi ON AIR/brani/video ecc. a seconda dello stile musicale!

Potresti scoprire il tuo nuovo pezzo preferito?! Se non ci provi non no saprai mai.

Io ho già fatto una bella scoperta: ON AIR su Couleur 3, da Obwaldo Jolly & the Flytrap – Arche Nova


Hey baby… what’s your STYLE?

I like folk music a lot, also rock and pop… but sometimes I just need to funk my ears up or to chill out with a classy jazz tune!

And you?

Are you a hip hop freak? You dig world music…

The new version of Mx3 allows you (finally…:-) to navigate per genre. Start your musical journey by selecting your favourite style on the home page and you’ll discover the new on airs, great selections, last registered bands, uploaded singles and much more… all related to the style of music you selected! Isn’t it a gas?!?!?!

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.02.23 AM

Have fun! And don’t forget to make a playlist of your favourite tunes…


The new Mx3 player doesn’t care if you feed it audio or video files… you know that already, don’t you?

But there’s more… the mini-player on the top right may be small but it’s also very smart.

First of all your playback history is updated live and you can skip back and forth between the titles you listened to.

If you click on a video and start watching it but then decide to navigate away from the page, your player will keep on playing the music back to you and if you get back to the video page you’ll be able to carry on watching from the right spot!!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.43.44 PM