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MX3 ALL FOR 1 – October 2018

This month, our Mx3 All for 1 musketeers picked the song Somebody Loves You by Animor proposed by Rete Tre

It will be aired nationwide on SRF 3, Couleur 3Rete Tre, Radio RumatschSRF Virus throughout the month

Here, take a listen:

And here’s the playlist with all the Mx3 ALL For 1. picks:

Not yet released and already on Mx3!


Weekend Phantom‘s new single “Neigbourhood” – not yet released, but we have it for you already. The song and video will be released on Nov 28th, the full album in February 2015.

… sometimes melodic, some times smashing guitars and this garage rock taste to it, that makes it all smooth, that’s Weekend Phantom.
It’s also ON AIR on Couleur 3 and SRF Virus!

Check the new Song out here:

No Patrik, it’s not too late!

Mais qu’est-ce que tu racontes Patrik avec ton “I chume immer z’spät“? Tu n’es pas toujours en retard!

Tu arrives au bon moment sur SRF 3, qui vient de t’accueillir dans sa playliste.

Hop, pétons la tronche du röstigraben avec toi Play Patrik et tes chansons en suisse allemand et en français!

Los! Avant qu’il ne soit trop tard, z’spät!

Photo: Patrik qui sourit comme s’il soulevait la barrière du röstigraben


“Sha Tene” is ON AIR on Backstageradio.ch!

The sound of OHA AHO seems to ressemble the picture they choose for their music: A decalcomania, a transformation of one material being printed or engraved on another, the borders of the original shaped differently creating something new. The Duo’s cosmic pop creates new soundscapes, in which you can see the colours swirling, repeating or silently vanishing.

Enjoy our new ON AIR: Sha Tene


Groovy&brandnew – ON AIRs on Backstageradio.ch!

Yes, it’s time for an update about our new ON AIRs on Backstageradio.ch! Since last midnight, the new songs are up and you can find them, following this link:

The very first musician, which I would like to introduce to you, is SirJoe from Bern, whose songs are rich in variety and all damn groovy. That’s why there are two now songs of him ON AIR from this week on:

At The Prom

Make It Shine

Listen and enjoy!