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Nuovi funzioni su Mx3: cerca i nuovi brani ed i nuovi ON AIR a seconda dello stile musicale

Come va gente?

Ci sono un sacco di nuove opzioni su Mx3.ch! Ad esempio puoi scoprire in nuovi ON AIR/brani/video ecc. a seconda dello stile musicale!

Potresti scoprire il tuo nuovo pezzo preferito?! Se non ci provi non no saprai mai.

Io ho già fatto una bella scoperta: ON AIR su Couleur 3, da Obwaldo Jolly & the Flytrap – Arche Nova


Backstageradio: Neue Songs | Nouvelles chansons ON AIR

We’ve got some cool new songs on Backstageradio!

- “Down Town” by Heidi Happy


- “Tiny Locket” by  Luc Jornot



- “Mexico” by Duck Duck Grey Duck



- “Nothing in Common” by Meliah Nana



- “In case I fall for you” by Josh


Check them out! On Backstageradio, you’re the DJ!

No login, no password, only the pleasure ♫♪♫♪♫♪


: : : Oni : : :

NB: You’ve got a great tune and you want it to be ON AIR as well? Then just follow this link and suggest your song! If it gets chosen, it’ll not only be part of Backstageradio‘s playlist, but it will also be included in the weekly report that the Radio and TV pros get! So your song might also end up on Couleur3, SRF3, Rete3, Option Musique, SRF Virus, etc. !