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MX3 ALL FOR 1 – September 2018

This month, our Mx3 All for 1 musketeers picked the song  Love can be… by Marquise Fair proposed by Couleur 3

It will be aired nationwide on SRF 3, Couleur 3Rete Tre, Radio RumatschSRF Virus throughout the month

Have a look at the video:

And here’s the playlist with all the Mx3 ALL For 1. picks:


Unity is strength!
That’s why the radio stations decided to join to support one song all together:
Couleur 3
Radio Rumantsch
SRF Virus
The 5 founding radio stations of mx3.ch join their forces and launch “Mx3 – ALL FOR 1″! A common project that represents a great opportunity for Swiss artists, every month the editors of all 4 language regions will choose a title to be aired on a national level, on all radio stations. This is “Mx3 – ALL FOR 1″!


First song selected is “Fire in the Jungle” by Cold Bath!

No Patrik, it’s not too late!

Mais qu’est-ce que tu racontes Patrik avec ton “I chume immer z’spät“? Tu n’es pas toujours en retard!

Tu arrives au bon moment sur SRF 3, qui vient de t’accueillir dans sa playliste.

Hop, pétons la tronche du röstigraben avec toi Play Patrik et tes chansons en suisse allemand et en français!

Los! Avant qu’il ne soit trop tard, z’spät!

Photo: Patrik qui sourit comme s’il soulevait la barrière du röstigraben