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mx3 chanson capture


Hi there!

feeeew, the new site is up!

It’s looks good, even if we are still missing some images: the whole site has been totally re-adapted and the conversion process of all images (espacially song’s covers) takes a long time, so in order to avoid any problem, we closed temporary the admin section so nobody for the moment will try to change a cover because it would’nt have been displayed yet.

If you think some pages or info have disapeared, it’s normal, they will come soon too.

We keep you updated about the work in progress Don’t be afraid to ask, comment, share on this blog.

Cheers, and enjoy the new interface inviting to listen to good Swiss Music.
mx3 anmeldung

Browsers / Navigateurs


Veuillez noter que le site est optimisé pour les navigateurs mis à jours.

Si vous ne supportez pas que votre browser ne supporte pas la nouvelle version de Mx3 et de toutes ses nouvelles fonctionnalités: Mettez à jour votre navigateur (voir plus bas la liste des version supportées).

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