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“Chocolate Woman” ist neues Video Of The Week!

Was für ein energetisches Video, gleichzeitig aber zart-schmelzend wie Schokolade…
Dirty Sound Magnet rocken’s mit “Chocolate Woman” und darum ist es VIDEO OF THE WEEK!

Dass eine vorbeilaufende Frau Reaktionen hervorruft, wussten wir ja, aber solche!!! Das war uns neu. Wow!
Hier noch mehr Lieder: http://www.mx3.ch/dirtysoundmagnet

Bon Samedi!



The new Mx3 player doesn’t care if you feed it audio or video files… you know that already, don’t you?

But there’s more… the mini-player on the top right may be small but it’s also very smart.

First of all your playback history is updated live and you can skip back and forth between the titles you listened to.

If you click on a video and start watching it but then decide to navigate away from the page, your player will keep on playing the music back to you and if you get back to the video page you’ll be able to carry on watching from the right spot!!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.43.44 PM