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We’d like to kick off the week with a loud cheering session for

NECKLESS!!! WINNERS of the MyCokeMusic Soundcheck 2014 Contest…

Well done guys and all the best for your career!!! The prize money of 50’000 CHF will definitely be a great and welcome help to highlight your talent… congratulations!!!

Here’s their latest video… enjoy:

Mx3 would also like to congratulate the 2 other talented bands who reached the final:

One Day Remains & Charlie Roe & The Washing Machines 

Keep kickin’ and groovin’ and let the music roll!!!

Open Air Berg: the winners of the contests

The Open Air Berg (TG) will take place on September 12 and 13. In June we had already written a post on this great event (which you can read here). At the time, the Line-Up was not complete yet, but after two different contests it is now full.

Here are the bands that have won and will join Stefanie Heinzmann, Eluveitie, Barbie Sailers, When they Wake and co in September!

Live-Contest winners:


Website of the festival | and its Mx3 page

Neckless(Picture: Neckless)