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31 concerts – tonight!

We are not kidding you: Thirty-one concerts listed all across Switzerland and Lichtenstein for tonight only!
30240929ConcertsWhoever says there was nothing to do tonight – you have no excuse! Go out and meet people, enjoy life and support swiss musicians!

Click HERE for the ultimate concert list.
If you decide to explore more new uploads and brand new tunes, click HERE.

Enjoy your weekend!


Backstageradio: so many new tunes!

Die 20’000 Künstler der Mx3-Gemeinschaft sind sehr kreativ!

In den letzten paar Tagen wurden viele neue Lieder in Backstageradios Playlist genommen. Die Neuigkeiten kannst du HIER und NOCH HIER entdecken!

Schlag uns deine Songs an dieser Adresse vor. Backstageradio: du bist der DJ!

Übrigens, wusstest du, dass eine Liste der neuen Einträge, an allen Radios des Landes regelmässig gesendet wird? …dies hat oft zur Folge, dass Songs weiter verbreitet werden!


We’d like to kick off the week with a loud cheering session for

NECKLESS!!! WINNERS of the MyCokeMusic Soundcheck 2014 Contest…

Well done guys and all the best for your career!!! The prize money of 50’000 CHF will definitely be a great and welcome help to highlight your talent… congratulations!!!

Here’s their latest video… enjoy:

Mx3 would also like to congratulate the 2 other talented bands who reached the final:

One Day Remains & Charlie Roe & The Washing Machines 

Keep kickin’ and groovin’ and let the music roll!!!

“Sha Tene” is ON AIR on!

The sound of OHA AHO seems to ressemble the picture they choose for their music: A decalcomania, a transformation of one material being printed or engraved on another, the borders of the original shaped differently creating something new. The Duo’s cosmic pop creates new soundscapes, in which you can see the colours swirling, repeating or silently vanishing.

Enjoy our new ON AIR: Sha Tene


Tohu Bohu: get ready!


Il démarre demain et vous comblera tant sa programmation est délicieuse, le Tohu Bohu festival va mettre le feu à Sierre!

Entre artistes du pays et invités internationaux (tels que FAUVE, Sergent Garcia, Selah Sue ou encore Yuksek, pour n’en citer que quelques uns), l’affiche variée sera parfaite pour l’été… qui vient enfin de pointer le bout de son nez!

Aperçu des helvètes qui seront présents:

Vendredi 5:

Samedi 6:

Retrouvez la programmation complète ici.

Obtenez des billets en suivant ce lien.

Site du festival: | Page Mx3:

Image: Progstone