Play it loud !

Ok… here comes my very first contribution!!! I’m a nighthawk and I love techno, minimal, electro, d&b, trip hop & ambient… always looking for new new DJs and sounds… Here’s my new playlist “Play it loud!” tuck-in!!!

My selections for this week:

  • Cloud in the Sky by Farbenklang, a quite track but I really like it and it’s nice to start smoothly,
  • Deep down inside (original mix) unmastered by KultKitsch, with its “housig” as well as summernights mood,
  • Technokultur by I-van Helden reminds me of Berlin nights,
  • Escela  by Evolent who I enjoyed live back in 2013 and keeps you groovin until the early hours of the morning,
  • and last but not least, Shark Finning  by Missue to chill out.


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