Ja, das wissen wir schon… (aufgelöst)

Das Progress-Bar des Players erscheint nicht, wenn ihr Songs abspielt…

no progress bar.jpg

Diejenigen, die die Bêta-Version des neuen Mx3 getestet hatten, wissen, dass es früher funktioniert hat. Wir arbeiten daran..! Vielen Dank für ihr Verständnis!

Wir machen unser Bestes!

Euer sehr ergebenes Mx3-Team

no progress bar2.jpg

3 thoughts on “Ja, das wissen wir schon… (aufgelöst)

  1. This was your comment a few weeks ago:
    For those who tried the testing version of mx3, they know it has worked before, so it will again, it’s a question of hours… thanx

    Now, I think that it takes not hours, but a lot of weeks and month!
    I also don’t understand why MX3 should only be compatible with the newest browsers!
    There are so many people outthere, much more than you can imagine, that can not use MX3 any more!

    Why there are not more comments here?

    Because nobody cares anymore, about a platform that doesn’t work!

    Kind regards

    1. Salut Marcel,

      I did write that because I really meant it and believed our team could fix most of the problems in a short period.
      And it’s all very emotional because we all need and believe in mx3, and I am not the last one.
      I agree with most of your comments. We do our best. The only thing I can do is carry on working and moving forward satisfy your needs as soon as possible.

    2. Hey Marcel,

      here we are… the progress bar is back
      it was a big tricky but our developers found out what happened

      Tout est bien qui commence bien


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