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Rootwords won the Swiss Live Talents URBAN AWARD in 2013!!!
This brought him to New York in october 2014, where he performed several shows at the CMJ festival…

He took the opportunity to shoot a video in the streets of Brooklyn & here it is.

Enjoy folks! It’s called THE BOX:

PS: you can still register for Swiss Live Talents until 14.2.2015… & as you can see, it’s worth a try!!!


and… how was New York?

Great, Huge, Amazing, Awesome, Massive, Fat!!!

We just flew back to CH from the big city, our heart full of memories and emotions, after plenty of amazing and wonderful moments and encounters! Barely off the plane, we are already writing… so that you too can get a little summary of what we have seen in New York at the CMJ and the support we could give to our talented Swiss artists who played there.

The music has been flying high in the NYC sky… as high as the Empire State Building, symbol of the city and  musical adventures of two Swiss bands in New York:
Rootwords (GE) and
Great Black Waters (ZH)

Two such different soundscapes and musical approaches and genres, that they actually very well summed up the incredible variety as well as quality of  CH-music in NYC!

We already knew Rootwords… we discoveredBjörn – guitarist for Fai Baba and leader of the solo project Great Black Waters, along with his intriguing sounds and brand new bandmates among other things! Great Black Waters – who is also connected with the TM (no, not trade mark, but Ticinese Mafia) btw, for he produced the outstanding YOUR VACATIONS by TATUM. G. RUSH – has been living in New York for a few months now and welcomed us to his rehearsal room, on a rainy Brooklyn night, with a solo video, just before his performance with the band at Goodbye Blue Mondays!

Rootwords landed in NYC with his whole Kinyamasounds team from Geneva – Julio, of course – the front man, Stan the man – DJ and Nicolas – the manager. Hard working guys, no tourists…  photo/video shootings, networking, trailer, panels, workshops, concerts, video for a new clip in Brooklyn… but ok, also  small parties with Swiss friends. Including the invitation to the Swiss Consul’s place and the After-Party following the concerts @ the Left Field Club (Lower East Side), but also the chill-out CMJ afterparty in Greenpoint (Brooklyn) with Matt McDonald, for once are not taking care of bookings, but Bloody Marys and homemade burgers…

New York was, is and and always will be an incredible opportunity to gain visibility, interact with programmers from around the world, have networking sessions and of course to promote the Swiss music.

Very special thanks to the CH-Consul in NY Thomas Schneider, Sandrine Ligabue (responsible for culture at the Swiss Consulate), Maurice, Billy the artist, Matt McDonald, but also our Mx3-Stickers, waving like flags despite the rain, sun and wind, in the New York skies (this special topic can be followed on instagram: # nych14)

All videos to be found on our page and also the Mx3 pages of Rootwords or
Great Black Waters
For more photos or news follow our Instagram, fb or twitter feed.

Great Black Waters in the City

Hey folks,

enjoy talented Great Black Waters perform a private showcase especially for the Mx3-community, “live” from his Brooklyn rehearsal room:

Great Black Waters had a gig yesterday in Brooklyn @ the Goodbye Blue Mondays and will play again on Friday @ the Left Field Club in the Lower East Side, Downtown Manhattan

Mx3.ch and Swiss Live Talents are proud to be here and to support swiss music… stay tuned folks, there’s more to come!!!

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Rootwords in New York

Hey wassup guys!

We have the huge privilege to report to you directly from New York City… with Rootwords who’ll be playing live tonight on Broadway and on Friday again in the East Village for the CMJ Music Marathon!!!

Mx3.ch and Swiss Live Talents are proud to be here and to support swiss music… stay tuned folks, there’s more to come!!!

follow our adventures by searching #nych14